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Our Objectives

php objectivesFrom newborns to seniors, our patients get the health care they need,where they need it most–at home. We deliver compassionate care from the heart and implement programs and services to achieve the following objectives:
1. To provide comprehensive, quality, client and client family-centered home health care in the client’s place of residence;
2. To address the client’s unique physiological, safety, psychological, self-esteem, and self-actualization needs in a plan of home health care;
3. To provide home health care services that promote the client’s quality of life by:
a) Minimizing negative illness and disability outcomes
b) Maximizing potential outcomes in the client’s level of independence
c) Restoring, maintaining, and promoting the client’s health
4. To assist the client in making choices and decisions about home health care services relative to the client’s unique, self-defined needs;
5. To encourage the client to collaborate actively with home health care staff members and other health care providers regarding the provision of home health care services;
6. To involve the client’s family in the plan of care whenever possible;
7. To advise the client’s family regarding community support services, as needed;
8. To serve as a resource for the client, the client’s family, and the community, and
9. To provide health care education for the client, the family, and the community.

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