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Why Prompt Home Health?

1. Consistent high patient satisfaction: our last survey showed 95%
Our nurses are some of the most experienced in the Home Healthcare industry. We’ll ensure your patients receive appropriate and compassionate care, every time, and that reliable experience feedback is collected during follow up. Furthermore, our management continually supervises and evaluates each patient’s case to ensure complete satisfaction.

2. A trusted provider of care that is tailored to the individual needs of the patient.
Our home health care allows for consistent, personally relevant interactions and guidance to your patients based on each patient’s unique situation and individual needs. In a country that is multicultural, we utilize personalized scripts for each patient, making sure the appropriate care plan is followed.

3. 24/7 Clinical support and Emergency medical response
Our ambulance services are available 24hrs every day for your patients, with an experienced and reliable clinical team for any emergency needs. This will ensure continuous and effective coverage for the patients.

4. Real time reporting and care documentation that meets international standards.
Our Real-time documentation/reporting policy ensures that timely, concise, accurate clinical updates are sent to the patient’s primary physician. Through real-time reporting, detailed documentation of the patient’s progress is maintained for effective evaluation and easy reference.

5. We have a holistic approach to home health care
With a diverse team of skilled clinicians who can support your patient with everything from physical therapy and speech therapy to mental health care, we facilitate all medical needs and coordinate all care between the doctor, the hospital, the patient and the family.

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